Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Use

PCL-Online only orders and ships brand new items, likewise we take no goods back “into stock” from customers, this saves future customers money (stock sitting on shelves impacts the company’s cash flow, which has a cost that is normally transferred to the customers). It also ensures customers receive only brand new sealed items. Opened goods and goods fitted incorrectly(screens,keyboards etc) cannot be returned.

Order status,

Once you order you are able to log into your PCL-Online account and view the current order status. The following is what you can expect to see.

“Awaiting bank transfer”:

Indicates that you have selected to arrange payment via electronic payment, payment is however not reflecting. If payment has been arranged please notify us sales@pcl.co.za. Payments are updated weekdays only between 08h30 and 16h30. Payments made outside of these times will only be allocated on the next business day.

Payments made from banks other than  FNB may take up to two business days to reflect.

Payments by cheque will be acknowledged via email but remain in this status until cleared by our bankers. These orders are only placed with the vendors once the order status updates to “processing”, and is subject to price changes and inventory shortages.

“Awaiting CC processing” :
Your order is pending an authorisation code from your bank, these requests are sent to the bank weekdays between 08h30 and 16h30 after stock availability is confirmed and card validity is checked. Orders placed outside of these times will only be checked and sent for approval on the next business day. If your order is declined by your bank a notice is sent to your specified email address and the order will remain in this status.
When declining orders the bank will not give us any reason, it is usually as a result of a card number, expiry date , CVV number, Name on card or billing address input error. If you believe this to be the case please re order ensuring all information is entered exactly.

Your order inevitably remains in this status for the longest time. When it enters this status it means funds have successfully been arranged and the order has been sent to the store supplying the goods.
You can now sit back and relax whilst goods travel around the world to Johannesburg, through Customs and on to the Johannesburg office.

Your order has arrived at our Johannesburg office, and been allocated to your order, dispatch is imminent

“Dispatched to client” :
goods have departed Johannesburg and are en route to you
Your order has received a special request, and is being manually handled
“Cancelled” :
As per your request, the order has been cancelled.
“Back order”:
this means that some or all of the items on your order cannot be sourced, the store will notify us and we in turn will notify you when stock becomes available, at this point you will be able to decide if you still require the item.
“Awaiting CC documentation”:
Your order could not be automatically processed as the bank has asked for specific information. Please urgently complete and return the form sent by email earlier.
“H.R. C.C.S”:
The bank has advised us that your credit card must be retained; unfortunately this order and future orders will need to be paid via bank transfer.
NB : All brand names & Trademarks are the property of their respective holders and are referred here for descriptive purposes only. We are not associated with any Manufacturer.